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Isnin, 9 November 2009

Ye Kaisi Aazadi Hai !!

Ye Kaisi Aazadi Hai! … Untuk renungan semua !!!

Synopsis: After 61 years of independence, around 400 million unorganized workers, struggle to survive without any tangible right, though they substantially contribute to the national income. WITHOUT - employment regulation; pension; maternity benefits; accident compensation; minimum wages; and health benefits - these workforce are given crumbs of social assistance schemes as charity by the state. Ye Kaisi Azaadi hai? asks Jagjit Singh, the acclaimed ghazal singer, joining the campaigners of Social Security Now, a network of trade unions, civil society organizations, people's movements and concerned individuals fighting for securing social security rights for the countless, voiceless, unorganized workers. Written by renowned poet Nida Fazli, and sung by Jagajit Singh, the music video captures the plight of Indian working class and invites all to join the demand for Social security as a right for the unorganized workers. The music Video is directed by Pravin Mishra and produced by The Information and Feature Trust (TIFT) for Social Security Now, the campaigners of social security for the unorganized workers.

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